The best Pokemon rom hack is Pokemon Vietnamese Crystal. Basically the Vietnamese translated Pokemon Crystal from Japanese to English. Yes, the hackers have put in a lot of their own work, but the core is still from the original devs. From what I can see, such games may not always be sold by the original hackers, but it is still a problem.

Sometimes I still lurk in there but it is mostly coomers threads, or doomposting by the old guard. /vp/ is a forsaken board that effectively reflects the state of the main games. If you were around when gen 1 was fresh everyone always wondered about stuff like could you get behind Bill’s house, could you sail over in the S.S.

  • But since my save file of Pokémon Light Platinum kinda corrupted on me, my motivation for this article went out of the window.
  • However, we felt it deserved inclusion for the possible future Pokémon ROM hacks it may inspire.
  • There are new events where you can catch legendary Pokemon.
  • Now that you have defeated Venam you will get access to new quests, events, and new dialogue from NPCs.

It would be best if you gave this series a shot once. Theres lots of Gameboy emulators you can download for Pokemon games on Android from the Play Store. For this example, I’ll use the Gameboy Color Android Emulator. After installing the emulator, all you need to do is transfer the Gameboy ROM to your Android device, and open the rom. This will be the modified version of the ROM that you will play. Name it anything you want, but make sure that you also add “.gb” at the end of the file name.

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There are new characters, sprites, and many other things. This post is specially written for you if you are looking for them. Here, I will tell you about the 25 Best Pokemon ROM hacks that every Pokefan should play at least once. If you haven’t ever played any of these, you are missing out on the best deal. Johto Journeys has been a favorite series in the anime and has some of the most well-loved Pokémon.

One other thing to keep in mind is that some of these ROM sites might be a little sketchy. So, it is encouraged to do research on which sites to avoid. Some examples are Vimmslair, Emuparadise, ROMspedia, and many more.

Pokemon Fusion Platinum ROM Download Free For NDS Emulator

For anyone having trouble connecting still with any games, but most likely Gen 4 or using an older DS or DS lite model, make sure your wireless radio signal supports types b and g, not just n or n/ac modes. I was using the guest wifi on my home router with no password and receiving the error until I swapped the radio mode from g/n mixed to b/g/n mixed and boom, instant connection. GUEST NETWORK – A guest network is a separate network from your main home network which will keep internet traffic separate from each other. Making changes to YOUR MAIN HOME NETWORK can easily break your internet connection if you do not know what you are doing .

What Is the Pokémon SORS GBA ROM?

For easy money, go to Stow-On-Side and talk to the Rare Item dealers. Visit them daily, and sell items to the left NPC to get a lot of money. You normally have to wait for the daily reset for these things to reset.