MICRONEEDLING Treatment is perfect for those have thining hair, hair loss or bald patches. . Great alternative to a surgical procedure with little to no downtime. you can start seeing results from just after few session.

Microneedle Therapy is a therapeutic scalp treatment to stimulate cells and to increase topical treatment penetration and promote new hair growth. Microneedles penetrate the top layers of the scalp without causing damage. The non-intrusive penetration allows a much higher absorption of any products or topical treatments that are commonly used to treat hair loss, to regrow existing hair and to encourage new hair.

A Microneedling pen which contains small needles is used for the treatment. The needles pierce the skin and cause wounds without bleeding, which helps to produce more collagen and new skin cells as they heel. We apply a tailored serum to promote new hair growth. A course of 6 – 12 treatments recommended one week apart for the best results.

  • Non-surgical natural process
  • Supports collagen and elastin repair
  • Can be used over all areas of the scalp

Your consultant will be able to discuss the suitability of this treatment with you – why not arrange to see us and to find out how this may benefit you?

Countless satisfied clients

It’s time to begin your new life without the stress of worrying about your hair loss ever again.


The microneedling procedure is comfortable and easy with no downtime. Pain free process, just a moderate tickling/pricking sensation.

Prior to the treatment, please keep your hair washed and cleaned. Avoid applying serums,spray,  gel etc.

The treated area is cleaned with cleanser/alcohol to disinfect the area.

The microneedling for scalp treatment may take between 20 to 40 minutes depending on the size of the area.

Treatment Pricing
Microneedling (Hair loss Treatment) £99