Waxing is a process, in which the hairs are pulled from the root. The benefit of waxing is that it is long-lasting and can remove a number of hairs at one time. It is a little painful but we are customer-focused and use the best products which are specifically formulated to prevent skin irritation to sensitive and delicate skin. Our experts do waxing very carefully to clean small hairs as well and you will get relaxed for a long time with minimal pain level.

Waxing as a hair removal method is widely used in countries like Brazil. A good wax is made of bees wax and soothing natural oils. Some synthetic waxes are also available in the market. Performed using both cold and hot varieties, waxing can be used for sensitive areas like the face, underarms and the pubis as well as hands and legs and in fact the entire body. Some people believe that cold wax, though easy to use straight from the bottle, is not as effective as hot wax applied by a trained person.

Benefits of waxing:

Smooth skin
Waxing removes the dry and dead cells of the skin with unwanted hairs and as a result, you get smooth and even skin.

No cuts on skin
Hair Removal with waxing makes you stress-free for the risk of any cuts or nicks unlike shaving the hairs.

Slow hair regrowth

After waxing, hair regrowth is very slow, the average time taken to hair regrow is 4 to 6 weeks. As well, many clients experienced very fine hairs, after the regrowth.

Waxing Strip Wax Hot Wax Lycon
Eyebrows £4 £6 £10
Upperlips £2.50 £3.50 £6
Lowerlips £2 £3 £4
Forehead £3.50 £6 £9
Chin £5 £6 £9
Sides £8 £10 £15
Full Face £25 £35 £40
Half Arms £12 £25 £30
Full Arms £18 £30 £35
Under Arms £8 £13 £15
Half Legs £13 £28 £32
3/4 Legs £16 £30 £40
Full Legs £20 £40 £45
Lower Back £10 £18 £25
Full Back £20 £30 £42
Bikini £10 £15 £20
Extended Bikini £15 £18 £22
Hollywood £30 £40 £45
Brazilian £30 £35 £40
Chest £15 £25 £35
Buttock £12 £18 £25
Inner Bum Cheek £8 £10 £12