Why Threading is best way to remove facial hairs?

Gentle method for Hair Removal
Threading is a traditional and best method for unwanted hair removal and shaping your brows. Our threading Experts do threading in a very gentle on the skin and never give you any side effects like skin wrinkles, irritation, or burning effect to the skin.

Best for Precise Finish
Our threading experts provide you best eyebrow shape with precision and enhance your beauty. We do threading as per requirement for the full faces, upper lips, eyebrows, and chin area. We use sterile and medicated cotton with anti-bacterial properties to keep you safe from infections.

Fast Hair Removal Process
Threading is a gentle and fast method for hair removal. Our experts understand very well the value of your time and comfort zone. Unlike tweezing single-single hair, threading is a fast and more accurate way to shape your brows without harm to the skin.

Best method for sensitive skin
Beauty experts recommend threading for removing facial hairs which never cause allergies to sensitive skin unlike bleaching, which can cause irritation and discomfort to the skin because of chemicals.

We offer following Threading services

Service Price
EYEBROWS £5 (Free with all skin treatments)