The oxybrasion is also called oxygen peeling. The oxybrasion is a multifunction system that uses supersonic jet technology to treat a variety of skin conditions and it is an extremely hygienic method for exfoliation . Treatment is pain free and very pleasant. The treatment consist of the intense exfoliation of dead skin cells from the face, neck and chest with a simultaneous application of oxygen and the flow of saline. Oxygen is used to stimulate the rebuilding of collagen fibres and capillaries also soothes redness. Skin feel fresh and radiant complexion immediately after 1st treatment. It is a perfect treatment before any special occasion.

Oxybrasion is recommended for the people whose skin is sensitive as well as rosacea, acne, and cannot benefit from deep mechanical peeling like microdermabrasion. The oxybrasion treatment cleanses and uses a sterile saline solution jet to gently exfoliate the surface of the epidermis. The saline solution has a drying effects on oily skin as many type of acne are caused by the presence of anaerobic bacteria and the introduction of oxygen by our treatment helps to kill this bacteria. A deep dermal infusion done after an exfoliation, enhance wrinkle reduction and delivers excellent results. Great effects of oxybrasion are noticeable after 1st treatment application

Treatment Effects

  • Improves skin tone and texture

  • Reduce fine line and superficial wrinkles

  • Tighten pores

  • Reduce blackheads and milia

  • Improve age spots

  • Lighten discoloration

Treatment Price
Face + Neck (Duration 40 – 60 mins) £80
Face + Neck + Chest (Duration 40 – 60 mins) £90